My New Book

I am reading A Little Life, by Hanya Yanagihara.  So far not much has happened.  It is about a group of friends that went to college and then stayed living in the NYC area.  They all come from widely varying backgrounds.  One of the friends, a man named Jude, has emerged as the main character of the book.  He is a mysterious person and the other members of his circle of friends  are protective of him and are curious about his past, but never push him to reveal anything about it.  He has extensive scarring on his body and engages in cutting behaviors.  His legs have been damaged to the extent that others have assumed that he has MS.  The story has begun to reveal that he has an extensive, and possibly a particularly horrific history of childhood abuse.  I know that the story is going to become more intense and revealing as to the nature of Jude’s condition because the person who recommended this book to me said that you will feel like the person in cover photo as you read this novel.  This one –



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